Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Words for the Secret Mouth: Divorce Rates

I believe instant gratification is why divorce rates are so high. No being content, just next steps, just marriage. It's graduation and time to settle down, it's the spotlight has shifted and I crave for it to be back on me. The gold standard wedding three years later, time enough to meet someone and put those maps and plans to work. Fast forward, VCR style, with an irresolute picture, pock marked by film scratches, to late twenties when we can't ride the ship out any longer and need a new spotlight so we sink it, and sink it hard. Show up, dress to impress, a number one stunner, and whatever you get is good enough, we'll work out the flaws and discrepancies in the editing room. But the soundtrack is poor, the sound is all off, and I wonder if I'm what you expected?Are you what you expected to be after all these years?

Song for Today: Days Away-"Ideas"