Thursday, May 14, 2009

City Lights Like Movie Tricks

I just saw "Adventureland" and rather enjoyed it.I felt it was for some of the same reasons that I enjoyed Nick and Norah in that it creates this sensational situation that is all movie magic that you underneath know probably won't happen, but it's real enough that it possibly, just, maybe, might... And it makes you search for that girl (or guy) that you want to have a movie moment with and you can envision it. But you think how the city lights cast off the stores in the rain don't actually look like the little circle spots of color, freckles backdropping the spray paint spatters of rain through the tempered glass.And you don't want to be in that situation where you just feel like your insides are permanently out of breath from screwing up and not knowing if you can right the relationship because you'd much rather walk away than stand face to face with that person you screwed up in front of.
Thus, I juxtapose this to the recent ideas of how we just have mas market movies to keep us compacent and content in our ways so that we don't dig below the surface to find that what's supposed to be the penultimate dream is actually gone, stolen and sold for less than its worth by damn thieves.
But if you add the right song, I can't say I care all that much, cause with the right song and the bright lights background, it just feels right.You have that hope that then the person who you picture cast opposite you for the love interest is actually accepting the part. But the lighting isn't quite that well-done, the rain doesn't hit in the right spots, and no matter the angle the little light freckles are more like rays than circles. Save though that it's just the start of summer, and the possibility is always there and it makes you wish you worked a shitty carnival job with awkard friends and new prospects under a black gold sky.See, it all comes down to the right soundtrack I guess.
How it ends though should be like this post I believe. The thoughts just flow and you can't be so concerned that you go back and proofread before posting, and remember to include the firework scene for the night of the 4th. And we feel like this cause it's all just movie magic, camera tricks, and angles angles angles.

Song for Today- This Providence- "Sand In Your Shoes", Band of Horses-"The Funeral"