Friday, January 29, 2010

Two New Poems in Atonal Poetry Review

Keepin it fresh, check it...

Atonal Poetry Review

Song for Today- Summer Camp-"Ghost Train"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Three Man Force Skit-Mike's Cleaning Service

Song for Today-Angels and Airwaves-"Heaven"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saved By The Bell

When you find exactly three pairs of pants in the exact right size for each different size person, the picture needs to be lo-fi too.

Song for Today- Motion City Soundtrack-"A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help)"

Monday, January 11, 2010

The NBA and Cliche, Thoughts 1

A preface: I very much enjoy and embrace the idea of Twitter and having a very small amount of words to get across big ideas (at times). I was thinking recently about wanting to write a post regarding pro sports players and following this with a post about the worn out cliche phrases people throw around. I have a tendency to ramble and waste space and words. Thus, I want to regularly lay out my thoughts in a more concise form. And we arrive at "Thoughts".

I find it hard to imagine why NBA players feel they need to carry guns.

NFL players: usually wide receivers, YOUR job is to catch an oval leather ball and run until you are knocked down or cross a line. You will be paid extremely generous amounts of money for this. Your only other task is to become really good at doing the above through strength training and drills. If you can't handle this, there are millions upon millions of other people that very likely would do anything to have this JOB, which is what this is bottom line, a job; then again so is working at a cell phone kiosk in a mall- take your pick.

Words that are tired in songs: love, dream, beach, California, breathe, hold on, summer, nights.

If this were a future world a la Kevin Costner in Water World then you very well might be the proverbial toaster in the water.

A double barrel shotgun tattoo with the script- Buy one get one free.

Girls who are unathletic turn me off.

People who incessantly use movie quotes when speaking to you as part of their own diction, like always answering in the affirmative using "totes" (thanks to Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man) make me less than enthused. Along these lines, people who employ cliche, worn-out phrases such as "I will never drink again" also bother me.

"Bullshit is the glue that holds society together."-George Carlin


Asher Roth's "I Love College" is a song that I am playing again and again. I think it has so much more relevance and nostalgia for people who have actually went to college. Obviously.

Friday, January 1, 2010

This is the New Year...Am I What You Expected?

Song for Today-Phoenix-"1901"