Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out of Order

We were waiting for our flight to Denver in the Vegas airport when we decided to grab some food. Every trash can in the food court was overflowing, except of course the one that was out of order...

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Song for Today-Copeland- "Pin Your Wings"

Monday, July 20, 2009


I need to write more often... Thus I will post a link to a video, that will resolve this...

Three Man Force- "Dreamcatcher"

Song for Today- All Time Low- "Weightless"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, the Tattoo Talk

Maybe it's the craze of a fad? Maybe it's just a rather basic point that makes sense? Maybe, probably, it's the perpetuation and wide reach of tattoo doc shows?
It has become commonplace doctrine that tattoos must must must have meaning to be significant or appreciated. Once a sign of rebellion and individuality, now tattoos are a sign of "fitting-in-ness"; everyone who is everyone has or wants one. Mind you, I find this exciting, as we shall all decorate our bodies up, mar or scar the skin, look exhilarated in the coming down...
I bring this wonderment up because around half the time I am asked by someone to see my tattoo, it is followed up by what does it mean... This alone is a justifiable conversation piece, but I've noticed it solely occurring since TLC's tattoo docs hit prime time. What is being slowly uncovered here is our endless drive for meaning and symbol. Yes, I see what this means...but what does it really mean... Yet I think the appreciation of art and beauty alone is enough justification as to what the meaning of the tattoo is. What better way to express that love than to let someone else create original artwork on your body, that will endure. True, your input need be heavily weighed and respected, but every minute stroke of the piece need not mean something profound and soul-defining for the wearer.
If nothing else, the tattoo documents the experience. No matter what the ink displays, the senses, the emotions, of the time in your life when the piece was done are wrapped into that ink, time capsuled there forever. Even if it may be a regrettable piece, there's a story as to why it happened. People always argue why get something unless it is of profound meaning as it will be there the rest of your life. But, I say think to that, read a good cliche proverb about the journey, not the destination. The tattoo tells a story, whether or not it is profound. Though in searching through everything surrounding and leading up to letting an artist permanently create on your body, I highly believe you can find something there to make meaning...

Song for Today- PlayRadioPlay!- "Some Crap About the Furniture"