Friday, May 21, 2010


It seems these days every other person I come across that is "writing a novel" already has the cast picked out for the movie adaptation of the book and the outfit they plan to wear to the premiere neatly set out...ready and waiting...

This is an interesting perpetuation to examine, propagated by J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer's success stories, that now the writing of a novel is seen as a transitory step to blockbuster movies and merchandise deals.

On one hand it is great to see so many people enthused about writing and bringing to life creative new worlds, but juxtapose this to their underlying motivation and it is hard not to at least partially discredit their undertakings. Yet, I think the end product itself will justify this idealization of the writing process, as generally those who are writing these fantastical new novels as a shot at stardom don't always have anything groundbreaking to say, and very well could benefit from a writing workshop or six.

Write to write, write for the love of being creative. Write because you have something to share with the world (that could only be described by you because it has been seen from your unique perspective). If it's well done the people will come.

Song for Today- Lightspeed Champion-"Marlene"